WashGuys visit the B-24 Liberator Museum

WashGuys visit the International B-24 Museum and The Fred E. Weisbrod Aviation Museum in Pueblo, CO. This is particularly important to the Founder of the Aircraft Wash Guys whose Grandfather serviced in WWII in a B-24 and was one of the ones who lived to tell about it. Later after the war he became the Chief of the Fresno International Airport Control Tower and later in charge of the GATO Office there.

Also on display are many Radio Controlled Aircraft from the Mile High RC Club, which The Founder of the Truck Detail Guys Prototype is a member of; . See here as Steve Lampe holds his RC Competition Aircraft used in the PHX Radio Controlled Nationals last year.

This Museum is managed by the Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society. The Museum has a B-24, B-29 and B-47 on display. Also pictured here are the highspeed rail vehicles built in a special test research project.

These are pictures of Jet Powered Rail Craft. Learn more at The Transportation Technology Center. Click here. Imagine a jet powered rail car? WOW, that must have been a rush, dangerous too. These are the beginning technological advances that brought the world into the high speed rail projects around the world, known as Bullet Trains. Bullet Trains are used today in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the United States. With new projects planned in over 12 other countries. The Jet Trains were built after the Federal Government in 1967 allotted money to the DOT-Department of Transportation to work on special research projects, these projects turned out to be a wealth of information and some of this technology continues today to help us with current projects. This Garret Corporation built this twin engine Jet Powered Rail Vehicle, train. and this other picture is a Grumman built this unit for the Department of Transportation Research Division, It is a Levitated Tri-Engine Jet Powered Vehicle



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